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The Construction Inductry Scheme is a system that HMRC have set up for the construction industry.

Construction Scheme Industry

CIS legislation can be a bit of a headache for contractors and subcontractors and HMRC have put really stringent compliance standards in place. That where we come in, CIS applies to contractors, subcontractors and any organisations that invest heavily on an annual basis into construction so to ensure that you are doing things correctly we make sure everything is compliant and HMRC ready. 

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We are here to help protect you and ensure that you have the correct protection and procedures in place when it comes to using sub-contractors allowing you to avoid HMRC investigations or emplyment tribunials 

What are some of the challenges with CIS?



You will have to verify each sub-contractor with HMRC, inform them about the amount they will be paid, calculate CIS tax, statements and much more


CIS Penalties

Failure To submit monthly return, (including a nil return) by the correct date, £100, monthly return outstanding after 2 months – £200. Penalties for failures can be harsh for both contractors and sub-contractors 



Not knowing what insurance to have and paying for it can be an additional burden to you plus the additional stress of checking the validity and expoiry of the insruance doumentaion  


We check all the details for you to ensure that your sub-contractors are compliant


We prevent HMRC trying to tax  sub-contractors as employees

Legal support 

We represent you with direct legal advice as it is our responsibility to comply with the latest legislation 


We provide persoanl site accidnet cover and public and product liability insurance  


By having only one UTR number on each pay run means you only have to make one payment


Well Pay umbrella pays the CIS tax for all sub-contractors avoiding late runs and penalties 

Saving you time 

We do all the administration work for you to let your office and payroll people focus on accounting and office tasks

Year end statements

We provide payment certificates and year end statemnets on a weekly basis to all your sub-contractors to help make complkting self assments hassle free 

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Our CIS payroll experts are waiting to listen to your challanges so they can give you best advice based on what you tell us. 

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